Thursday, May 19, 2011


i changed the password and i'm looking through the drafts, but...

 this was a draft

every time i start writing again it changes to what i've written, a draft from weeks ago, due at midnight tonight. but it keeps changing. i'm not changing it. i've rewritten this so many times...

but at the end it ends with me running more.

i've been running. the men- no, they aren't men, they're monsters- they've been following me. they get closer, every day they get closer and i need to get out. but they're so fast.

one of these drafts. i keep reading it, but it can't be true, can it?

it's about michael. it describes his death from every perspective.

he's in pain.

he hurts.

i can't help him.

and then he's going to die. it says i'm going to watch him die. he's in a room, it says. the men take me to the room. he's going to be sacrificed for the slender man before my eyes, it says. it talks about how he is torn apart piece by piece and i can't move, i can't do anything. but i have to. i have to save my son. but i don't know how to do it.

he's hurting right now. i know it.

the room is described as small and big at the same time, and in and out, and dark but in a chiarascuro way (i don't know how to spell it...) and his blood is spilled. my son... i'm his mom. i have to do something...

someone, tell me what to do. please...


  1. You need to break the chain of fate.

    The only way to do that is by doing something so completely insane that the history CANNOT hope to predict it.

    I know a guy who deals in fates for a living. He could give you better advice. All I can say is this: You need to find a way to take pieces off the board in a way that this power cannot compensate for. By any means necessary.

  2. like jump off a building or something? or... kill someone? but i'm not sure i could do that...

  3. I didn't say it would be easy, or that it would be the right thing to do. I have no answers for you. Only possibilities. :(

  4. please, tell me... what possibilities should i follow? what options should i chase?

  5. Liz, don't trust us too much or lay your fate into our hands too much. We're just words on a screen. We might want to help you, but our accounts could be hacked and abused at any time or one of us might turn out as someone who's against you.

    I know we seem to be everything left right now in that empty city, but we're not. There's still you.

    Describe these men, maybe we can figure out something together.

  6. One thing that really pulls a reader out of a story is extreme stupidity in the characters. For example, Elizabeth asks what she can do to break the story's flow. Isn't it obvious? She should jump off a building.


  7. kill myself?


  8. Okay, now don't listen to those Critic guys too much, Liz. That's exactly what I meant with "some of us could be out to damage you". The Critics could just be those men.

    My suggestion: Write a blogpost yoursel, name it Chapter Twelve and write an ending in which you at least manage to flee from the city with Michael. Weave in some negative twists for yourself, too. Make it as a good fiction writer would. Write it matching your true character, as well as Michaels.

    Maybe, just maybe the effect The Author described earlier - about fogging your mind and everything - can be made work in your favour as well. Just remember to make it in his style as much as possible.