Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter Eleven

The White King Enters

Start Chapter 11:
Elizabeth stared at the computer screen for what seemed like hours. Nobody was helping her, nobody was reaching out to her, nobody was answering her pleas. She didn't know what to do, and she was most likely going to die. There would be no way out for her, no place for her to hide, nothing left. She shuddered, trying not to cry again, and again she failed, her tears falling to the floor in a waterfall of pathetic sniveling and whimpering. She couldn't control it, some other force had taken over her life, had taken over everything. 

Even her perception of the world was breaking. Elizabeth felt ill again; it was like her very thoughts were under the control of some other person, some malevolent being was making her thoughts seem rushed and inconsolable. She couldn't focus half the time, and as she attempted to read the blogs, her thoughts stopped half way through. As though there was something else there.

It was the Author, whoever he was, manipulating her, destroying her. It was the Author who had brought the curse down around her, breaking her family and burning down her life. It was the Author who had such power to make her mind melt and meld to his will. She had to find him, and make him pay, of this she was certain. She stood, and glanced at the clock, and at that moment the whole world seemed to freeze around her. It was six o'clock. It had been hours since Dacre had left to collect Michael. He hadn't called or sent anyone round, nothing had gone wrong. But something had to have gone wrong, they shouldn't have been gone for so long. A long way gone...

She panicked, dressing herself into more workable clothes and grabbing Dacre's keys. They shouldn't have been gone for so long. She paused for a moment, thinking, trying to think. She had to be sensible and do the right thing for Michael and Dacre. She grabbed the phone and called 911. Nobody picked up. Once again the world seemed like it was melting around her. She sprinted down the stairs, barely noticing the unnatural quiet that was settled around the apartment building, around the block, around the city.

She had to walk to Michael's grandmother's house, which was when she noticed how very wrong everything was. There was no traffic in the streets, there were no animals in the trees, no people in any of the buildings or in the restaurants. The city was, empty, dead. Which made it worse when Elizabeth arrived at the house, and there was nobody there. An open gate, and abandoned meal, and no sign of the Grandmother, Dacre or Michael.

She would soon feel their pain.

End Chapter Eleven

The White King Exits.


  1. Oh damn kid. Don't do this. Get out of dodge, don't go out like this. Find the will, open the door, get back to your world. Survive damn it.

  2. I'm in my grandmothers house, thanking god we got her a computer, but... they still aren't here, it's been 12 hours, where should I go? What should I do? There... there is nobody in this neighborhood. sorry i don't know what to do.. I'm just stupid. and I'm scared...

  3. Arm yourself with whatever you can find, pack as much food as you can carry comfortably while running and try to find people.
    If a human being attacks you, try to injure the attacker in a way that makes it difficult for them to follow you, but not lethally - it's always possible that the attack is just a trick of your mind like the fire was.
    If a man without face and in a business suit approaches you, back off immediately. Try to keep him in your vision as long as possible while you flee. Try not to blink and not to stumble.

    Don't go out into the woods, but if there's a way to go to the next town or city without going directly through them, do so. Don't stay in one place for too long. Stay away from large bodies of water. Avoid people who are wearing masks. Move quietly and quickly.

    I'm not sure if it's you or the town that's not all right, but whatever the case, you should get out of there. Maybe you can get an iPhone or something akin with mobile internet access, to keep up with The Author?

  4. i tried to leave. i've been walking for twelve hours but.. there is no way out of here. every time i get near the edge of the town i end up on the other side. there are still no people, and nothing has attacked me. but nothing has changed. i feel like i should make something change, you know? like

    what am i going to do about michael?

    do you think it has something to do with that church?

  5. Probably...
    On the one hand, this is exactly why you probably shouldn't go there... it might be a trap. It's most definitely one.
    On the other hand, there's not much else you can do. God, that sucks so much, I wish I could help you... :<

    Did you sleep yet, and if so when and how? Do you eat enough?

  6. Also: I suppose that Michael is safe. Wherever all the other people are, he's probably there with them.

    Say, did anything happen after Dacre left? Any noise or... something? Are there differences between your town before and after it was emptied?

  7. *sigh* If only I knew a way to intervene. I really wish I could help you, Elizabeth, but I can't, and, no matter how expert we may seem, none of us can. If there is one thing none of us have ever truly learned to overcome, it is these labyrinths of his. There is little-to-no pattern in their operation and each escape has been practically unique. The only thing I can offer is my sincere hope that you get you okay.

  8. thanks... i just hate this so much. nothing has happened, nothing is happening, i feel helpless, and michael.. what could they be doing to him?

  9. I'm sorry, but due to Bloggers bitching my last comment didn't come through.
    Elizabeth, I've got a strange idea. Why don't you go on blogger and try to login as The Author? They only seem to write about you, so maybe the password is something related to you?
    And maybe you could see drafts there. And if not, try writing an own blogpost...

    It's worth a try, isn't it?