Wednesday, May 18, 2011


it's me, elizabeth. michael's name was  the password, broekchen, what else would it be? and there are notes and things in the drafts section... this guy knows everything about me, including every job i've ever had and every person i've ever dated, every hospital visit and all kinds of things. what am i going to do?

it's so violating. and why is his password so obvious? he knows i'm looking for michael. he knows that. so why...

there are drafts. i don't want to look at them, but

shit, there are people downstairs, i heard something break. i'll post this, and if i don't comment quickly, well... you can use your imaginations. or maybe you won't have to, i'm sure the author would be happy to fill you in. see you later. i hope.
You really thought you could get away with it, didn't you?


  1. Godspeed, Elizabeth.

  2. Hey Elizabeth,

    That was great of you! Please stay safe, and read the drafts asap. If he made the password this obvious, you ought to know what they are.

  3. Also, as I see someone changed the password (yup, I tried *cheeky grin*). I hope that was you, Elizabeth. I'm crossing my fingers for you!